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District Grants Worksheet

Worksheet for gathering information before submitting your district grant request. IMPORTANT: This is not the online Grant Application Form and will not be accepted as a grant application.

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Benefactor Form for The Rotary Foundation

A Benefactor of The Rotary Foundation is anyone who informs the Foundation in writing that he or she has made provisions in his or her will, or other estate plan, naming the Foundation’s Permanent Fund as a beneficiary; or anyone who makes an outright gift of US$1,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation Permanent Fund. This is a paper form that can be used to inform the Foundation.

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District Grant Report Information and Form

Required final report for District grants. Must be filed no later than March 31 following receipt of the grant IMPORTANT: Reports must be submitted using the form linked below. Download the form in MS Word, and TYPE the report (no handwritten reports). Retain a copy of the entire report for your records. Further instructions on the form.

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