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Club Communications on Steroids

Use DACdb Calendar, Event Regstration and PMail to improve event participation and eliminate “Let John know if you’re coming” emails.

D7750 Web Conferencing Tools

District 7750 has arranged for FREE web conferencing tools that are available to District Committees as well as Clubs. This is a combination of a telephone conference call bridge plus a presenter-controlled web presentation.  Either side (phone or web) can be used independently, if appropriate. Important note — If you’re doing your first web conference, please work your way through this page a week ahead of time.  Presenters who wait until the last day or two to plan, test and practice generally fail at their first attempt.

Web Conference Instruction Files

Presenters, Read This Section First — Click on each of the following links, Print the pages and put them in a folder — you’ll need to refer to them several times in both setting up your web conference and actually conducting it.

  • User Instructions:  Open, copy and paste these instructions into an email & send to participants several days before the conference. These instructions include an important browser test to confirm compatibility in advance.
  • Presenter Instructions — Login information for the presenter onlyTelephone Dial in: (MISSING PDF)
  • Important: Ignore the Dial in phone numbers in ReadyTalk — use this info instead
  • Telephone Feature Keys: (MISSING PDF)
  • Web Login — (BROKEN LINK)

D7750 acknowledges and appreciates the support of in providing these tools for our use at no charge.

Presenter Tips

  • Send out the participant Email 5-7 days in advance of the conference, so participants can check their browsers for Java compatibility
  • Send the participant Email again the morning of the conference — avoids “dog ate my email” calls at the last minute
  • Upload your PowerPoint material to the Web Conference site 2-3 days before the Conference
  • 1-2 days before the Conference, “test drive” both the Telephone Dialin and the Web Login sides of the conference.  Have someone else log in as the “user”, and practice a few frames to be sure you’re familiar with all the presenter controls
  • You can use “Show Desktop” to project anything on your own desktop to all the participants — handy for photos, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Another option is the “Guest Presenter” feature — the web conference presenter can turn over the controls to a participant, who can “drive” from his/her location

For Technical Support, Email:

Note that any size group can participate at a single “participant” site — a large monitor or projector can be used, depending upon the size of the group. It may be necessary to amplify the telephone audio on the participant site.
Some pre-planning and an appropriate “technical dry run” should be included in the case of a large remote participant group.