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2022-23 Club Membership Growth Plan

In order to receive points on the Governor's Excellence Award, submit the completed form to Membership Chair Carol Burdette. Updated deadline: October 15. Clubs should complete a written Club Membership Growth Plan to ensure success in the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of a healthy, vibrant Rotary club --...

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Membership Goal Setting Worksheets for 2022-23

1 page per club, alphabetically sorted. Print only your club's page. 5-year history of club membership, annual average attrition rates and attraction rates. Average number of members terminated per year - the number llikely needed to replace those who leave during the year.

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D-7750 Membership Summit 2021

This links to a Dropbox including all handouts and slide sets used at the D-7750 Membership Summits in August 2021, PLUS a full-length recording of the entire Summit. The recording includes a Table of Contents listing time stamps for each section of interest.

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