The FOUR-WAY Test Sample Project Ideas

Did you know that Rotary’s Four-Way Test is one of the most powerful guides to ethical behavior in existence?

It fits under the category of character literacy , giving clubs the opportunity to combine the message of the Four-Way Test with literacy projects in local and partnered international schools.

Resources are available for a number of related projects. Here is a sampling:

    1. Produce and/or distribute books that tell a Four-Way Test story (Such as Andy & Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure, which is a Rotary endorsed literacy project targeted to the second grade.) http://www.andyandelmer.com
    1. Sponsor a middle or elementary school to participate in the Early Act First Knight (EAFK) programwww.eafk.org
      • The Rotary Club of Greenville Evening sponsored the first program in District 7750 at Powdersville Middle School. They are happy to share information with any other club who may want to sponsor an EAFK program.
    1. Sponsor a Four-Way Test Ethics Program that promotes active student involvement in a discussion format using small groups.  The program is designed for 9th grade students.  This project is detailed on the 4-Way Test Association website: http://www.4waytest.org/projectsdvds.html
      • This program may serve as a suitable follow up to the EAFK program in high schools that receive the students who participated in EAFK in middle school.
    1. Sponsor Four-Way Test essay or speech contests – locally and/or as a district. Several projects are detailed on the 4-Way Test Association website: http://www.4waytest.org/booklets.html
    2. Sponsor a business ethics conference with a clear display of the Four-Way Test (the Rotary Club of Aiken has done this numerous times)
    3. Display the Four-Way Test in dictionaries and other books given to children. A bundle of 100 Four-Way Test bookmarks can be ordered: http://www.andyandelmer.com/catalog/item/6812387/6734434.htm
    4. Display the Four-Way Test in schools — In all classrooms, in a common place


1. Four-Way Test topics on Rotary International’s official website

2. The Four-Way Test Association, established in 1959 by Herb Taylor, creator of the Four-Way Test: www.4waytest.org