District 7750 Membership Event Grants

Rotary District 7750 Membership Event Grants

Apply NOW for a District 7750 Membership Event Grant!
Plan TWO specific membership events with a complete set of intentional strategies, and the District will provide the funding!
Grant Applications Due by December 15, 2018– APPLY TODAY!


Rotary clubs that have implemented the Intentional Membership Strategies recommended by the D-7750 Grow Action Team are growing successfully. The most successful strategies include a membership event where members invite prospects to a presentation of both Rotary International and their own club. These are typically a 1-hour program, sometimes extended to include a breakfast, lunch or happy hour format or during a regular club meeting time in lieu of a regular meeting.

To encourage clubs to plan and execute successful membership events, District 7750 will provide grants to cover event expenses. Clubs that plan and execute two complete events (all Event Requirements below considered) are eligible to receive a grant of up to $15 per guest to cover the expenses of the event ($300 maximum grant per event).

Clubs that have done multiple membership events with fewer participants have been most successful.  For this grant, TWO Membership Events are included and required — one to be held in January to mid-February, the second to be held in March or April.  Both must be completed by May 1, 2019. 

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Recipe for a Successful Membership Event Required Reading — If you follow this Recipe, your success in getting multiple new member proposals out of each event is assured – you can’t miss.

Event Requirements

To qualify for a Membership Event Grant, a club must plan and execute all elements of two successful events:

  • Lead time – Schedule the events 6 to 8 weeks from the initial kickoff and invitation time window to avoid short-term schedule conflicts to allow time for members to invite prospects. Events must be complete, including follow-up activities, by May 1, 2019
  • Venue/Logistics – Plan for a suitable venue in terms of space, setup, refreshments and A/V equipment
  •  Invitations — An intentional strategy to prompt members to invite and confirm prospects is essential. Besides email and announcements at meetings, try:
  • Contact Information Capture — Gather contact information about guests in advance, as well as “at the door” in case of walk-ins. Ask members to advise the event organizer(s) in advance of name, email and phone numbers of committed prospects.
    Required: Use the “Potential Member” type in DACdb to keep track of prospects.
  • Program — Have a well-prepared program including either handouts or visuals covering Rotary International and your club, touching upon The Rotary Foundation, as well. Sample at: Membership Event Slide Show Template
  • Membership Proposals — Have printed membership proposals on hand for prospects/sponsors
    • Other Collateral – Some type of Rotary printed material, club brochure, etc. as a take-home item
    • Follow-up plan – A plan to get a “Yes”, “No” or “Not Now” from each attendee

Clubs that plan and execute TWO complete events (all above elements considered) are eligible to receive a grant of up to $15 per guest to cover the expenses of the events ($300 maximum grant for both events).

Grant Application

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Please contact Ed Irick with questions:  DG2017@Rotary7750.org