2019 Fall Membership Event Grant Application

Grants are available to cover expenses relating to events that directly promote membership growth.
Apply below, outlining your plans for a membership event.

To qualify for a 2019 Membership Event Grant, a club must plan and execute all elements of a successful event. Please outline your event on the application form.  Events should be planned with 6-8 weeks of lead time from the initial kickoff and invitation date to avoid short-term schedule conflicts to allow time for members to invite prospects.

Apply TODAY! Application Deadline is September 15, 2019

2019 District Event Grant Application
List multiple names separated by commas, if appropriate
(time, place, refreshments)
(How will you ensure that prospects are invited, confirmed, known in advance, reminded, etc.?)
Prior to the event, you'll want Name, Email, & Mobile Phone of prospects invited and attending. NOTE: Entry of prospects attending into DACdb as “Potential Members” is required
introductions, member testimonials, Rotary presentation of both RI and your club, A/V presentation, etc.). This is not a “regular” club meeting.
(club brochure, membership proposal forms, etc.)
What will you do after each event to secure a “Yes”, “No” or “Not Now” from each prospect?

Thanks for your application. Next step:

1. We will contact you shortly to approve your grant or request additional information.

Membership Event Grants Contact Information
Ed Irick
(864) 420-10527